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stories and experiences

Fictioneers is a collaborative canvas for storytellers and software engineers who are making personalised, game-like experiences in real and virtual locations.

Author, build and publish on one platform

Interactive experiences are notoriously complex to develop and manage; but they don’t have to be!
Whether you're creating a walking tour of your city, building a theme park AR quest for your visitors, or running a digital activation in a retail location, Fictioneers can help you engage your customers in new and innovative ways.

Any media

We are platform and content agnostic. Deliver any combination of AV media, XR content or even simple text and images to any device or browser.


Give every visitor a unique, transmedia story that evolves in real-time with their choices and location.


Learn from your stories, iterate on live timelines. Use analytics to instantly refine the user experience.


Hook up your existing apps or site to our integration API and SDK. Build stories not infrastructure.

Designed for creatives and developers

We’re bridging the gap between technical and non-technical teams. When building The Big Fix Up, we realised platform didn’t exist to help engineers and creatives collaboratively tell interactive, multimedia stories at scale, so we built it.

The platform is accessible on any device with a browser and displays a timeline view. With a friendly UX, we enable more combined features than any other on the market.

From there, you can easily navigate between analytics……….  [simulate, analytics, publish]

Designed for creatives and developers

Wallace & Gromit in The Big Fix Up

In their first adventure in over a decade, the entrepreneurial duo’s new business venture Spick & Spanners, takes fans on a contract to fix up Bristol, the home of Aardman.

Players can sign up to become an employee of Spick & Spanners and help Wallace and Gromit get out of trouble. Through a host of augmented reality gameplay, CG animations, in-character phone calls, extended reality (XR) portals, and comic strips, fans become a crucial part of the story.

“Fictioneers created a change in our business and how we will use technology to tell stories”

Robert Goodchild

Commercial Director, Aardman

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