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Our cloud-based storytelling engine helps you create personalised stories across media and devices. From transmedia stories for retail, events and entertainment companies to visitor attractions; we collaborate with clients and studios to bring digital experiences that blend the real and virtual worlds.

Three Ways to Work With Fictioneers

brainstorming crazy eights exercise for designing a game
A flow-chart diagram inside the Fictioneers user interfaces, made of boxes and arrows showing an interactive experience
an imaginary mobile application for getting and playing augmented reality quests that blend the real and virtual worlds

What projects can we help?

xxxx copy needed here xxx


Draw audience into stores, target with offers based on activity, halo payoffs

Brand discovery

Perhaps leadings to a specific product launch 


Engage audiences in countdowns, seed with targeted content


Engage with supporting content for a set period

Visitor attractions

Location-based immersive content

Designed for creatives and developers

We’re bridging the gap between technical and non-technical teams. When building The Big Fix Up, we realised platform didn’t exist to help engineers and creatives collaboratively tell interactive, multimedia stories at scale, so we built it.

The platform is accessible on any device with a browser and displays a timeline view. With a friendly UX, we enable more combined features than any other on the market.

From there, you can easily navigate between analytics……….  [simulate, analytics, publish]

What we do

What you do

Which is option right for you?

Efficiency vs. Customization
The Experience Discovery Sprint excels in speed; A custom application gives the most control. Licensing the Fictioneers platform is a balance of both that keeps development expertise and skill in-house

Starting with a discovery sprint puts down a strong foundation and makes it easier to decide if licensing the platform or having us build you a custom application is the right choice.  If you do decide to build what you design in the discovery spint, we'll design a package for you that can be a blend of self-service with our full range of product development services.

Starting with a design sprint also minimizes initial costs and validates the concept quickly at a 10-15% of a custom project cost. If you have an existing product or in-house development team, licensing the software platform  keeps skills and learning in-house while getting software support from Fictioneers.  Building a custom application is best if you lack a full development team or are starting from scratch.

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