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A platform didn’t exist to help engineers and creatives tell interactive, multi-media stories at scale, so Fictioneers built it.

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In January 2021, Fictioneers (a then collaboration of Potato, Tiny Rebel Games and Sugar Creative; in partnership with animation studio, Aardman) launched Wallace’s & Gromit’s first foray into Augmented Reality - Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up, a free app available on iOS (link) and Android (link).

The project was born out of funding from UK Research & Innovation, with a grant to explore pioneering interactive storytelling and audiences of the future.

In the first adventure in over a decade, the entrepreneurial duo’s new business venture Spick & Spanners, takes fans on a contract to fix up Bristol, the home of Aardman. Players can sign up to become an employee of Spick & Spanners and help Wallace and Gromit get out of trouble. Through a host of augmented reality gameplay, CG animations, in-character phone calls, extended reality (XR) portals, and comic strips, fans become a crucial part of the story. However, when designing such an innovative real-time experience, Fictioneers realised a tool didn’t exist that enabled creative teams to design real-time stories, timelines and activities whilst integrating various supporting transmedia.

So we built a bespoke software platform to power the experience: the Fictioneers platform.

We help create experiences

"Once the story was published, we got new insights in to how the audience were responding to the content, where they engaged, where they lost momentum - we learnt a lot and never had this insight before, it changed our thinking about how to approach this kind of experience”

Finbar Hawkins
Creative Director, Aardman
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“Bringing Wallace & Gromit and a 60 foot robot to life through AR, seeing the animation and the interaction with the environment in the real world, was a real highlight”

George Rowe
Producer, Aardman
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"The Big Fix Up allowed us to tell a new story in a new way with Wallace and Gromit, bringing the adventure directly into people’s homes via their smart phones"

Rob Goodchild
Commercial Director, Aardman
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